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Baby flipped!

I went to see Megan because my baby decided to turn transverse after being head down the entire pregnancy. When I saw Megan I was 35 weeks and a couple days into my pregnancy. Earlier that week I had a prenatal check up and the dr said that if the baby hadn’t turned by 36 weeks I would have to have the baby manually turned by another dr and if they didn’t work I would have to have a csection. I highly believe that babies will turn when they need to in a natural way. I searched to see what I could do without having to have baby manually turned acupuncture was on the list so I made an appointment. I was expecting needles but that is not how it’s done when you’re pregnancy. She was very confident that baby would flip! She used a Chinese medicine stick over the pressure point on my pinky toe. There was not any pain involved. The experience was very calming and relaxing and she was very knowledgeable! I highly recommend her and I highly recommend seeking alternative options Among what the dr says must be done.

-Sheana H.

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